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Another month down, and more shopping finds to show you! Since I was participating in the Shop Drop challenge for pretty much the entire month of February, I only have secondhand finds to talk about. It wasn’t too hard to only shop secondhand (it would be a lot harder if I lived closer to Nordstrom Rack), but I admit that the day after the challenge ended, I made a couple online orders that I had been waiting to make. The challenge did give me an extra excuse to shop at Goodwill more, and I found some treasures and great basics. Just because you shop secondhand, doesn’t mean items can’t be new with tags – a few of my purchases still had the tags attached, which I love even more!

In addition to my monthly Fabfinds posts, I’ve started to post my thrift finds on Snapchat (username: morgan.415). Since I buy quite a bit for friends and family, and have things that don’t work out as planned, you actually get to see more of the clothes I buy if you follow me! It’s fun to use, and fair warning that I also post cute cat pictures…win win in my books.

February secondhand purchases - betweentheracks.com

Zara lace top: $6 // Banana Republic striped tee: $6 // J Crew chambray button down: $6 // J Crew tunic: $6

Goodwill: I love shopping at Goodwill for great basic pieces, which is mostly what my wardrobe is turning into anyway. Being able to mix and match so much of my closet is important to me, so I look for versatility in the clothes (and I look for cheap prices, of course). The beige top with lace detail is by Zara, and it still had the tags on it, which caused them to mark it up to $6. Same goes with the Banana Republic striped tee, which also still had tags attached. I can’t pass up on great-fitting tee shirts, and $6 is still crazy cheap. My Goodwill is full of J Crew, so I ended up purchasing 2 chambray tops (one a full button down and the other a longer tunic) for $6 each. I love these for work since the denim holds up well to wear, and I can still look a little stylish without being dressy.

Goodwill thrift finds - betweentheracks.com

Rag & Bone ‘Rebel’ jeans: $30 // A.L.C. ‘Adina’ sweater: $4.50 // Tory Burch coverup: $7

Poshmark: The only clothing item I got from Poshmark this month was a pair of distressed Rag & Bone boyfriend jeans. They are heavily distressed (much more than my other jeans, and not grandma-approved for sure) which I had been looking for, and they are a slim fitting BF cut. I AM OBSESSED. They were even new with tags on them, and I only paid $30.

ALC adina sweater and Tory Burch coverup - betweentheracks.com

Goodwill (more): I still have trouble believing some of the treasures I find at my local Goodwill store. A.L.C. is one of my favorite brands, and it’s not very well-known, so you can imagine my surprise when I found this A.L.C. sweater hanging on the rack. This is my second Goodwill find from this brand (I found a dress last month), and I think I squealed a bit when I picked it up! My other major score was this Tory Burch swimsuit coverup for only $7. It didn’t have the original tags, but it is brand new and still has the paper wrapped around the end pieces of the strings. I’m not sure who is donating these items to Goodwill, but I want to be their best friend!

Helmut lang leather croc top and IRO tweed jacket from ThredUP

Helmut Lang leather tank: $4.48 // IRO jacket: $44

ThredUP: I forgot to include my ThredUP items in the full picture, and by the time I remembered it was dark…whoops. I ended up getting 2 items from there this month, and got them for pretty good prices with credits and discounts. The IRO jacket was listed for just over $100, and on Valentine’s Day weekend they offered 20% plus free shipping. I had $40 in credit, so I ended up paying only $44 out of pocket. The Helmut Lang top was a real bargain, because ThredUP only listed it at $38 with an original retail of $198, and they had no fabric content listed. I had seen the top before and did some searching, and my hunch was correct that the front was leather, and the top’s correct original retail was $495. Definitely scooped that one up fast. Not to mention, I had more credits (thanks to everyone that has been signing up and becoming just as addicted as me), so I paid only $4.48! You can get $10 credit to shop by signing up here. Also, the site is offering 20% off of your first purchase for new members the month of March with the code MAR20, so be sure to take advantage!

Speaking of ThredUP, I wrote up some helpful tips on using the site to find great deals that I’ve learned, so I’ll be posting that later this week!


Aquazzura ‘Sexy Thing’ heels in black and nude: $100 // Christian Louboutin ‘Anjalina’ flats: $150

Poshmark: I did well on shoes this month, and ended up with some pairs I had been lusting after for quite some time. I have been dying for some Aquazzura shoes ever since seeing them on Erica of Fashioned Chic (probably my favorite blogger ever – her pictures and wardrobe are just to die for), but they have been hard to find for a good price. Well, I’m glad I was patient, because I ended up getting 2 pairs on Poshmark (the seller listed them together in the same listing) for $100 total! Not bad considering they retail for over $500 each! The Louboutin flats are just amazing, and I couldn’t help but get them, as I had been wanting some of their spiked flats for a while. The good thing about them is that they are FLAT, which means I’ll actually get lots of wear out of them.


Budget update: As promised, an update to the monthly budget that we set for my clothing purchases. I spent a total of $581.33 this month, which is definitely more than I expected (and more than my $300 allowance).This month included a fairly hefty undergarment load (PS. I despise bra shopping), as well as 4-5 purchases that show up in the February budget, but were just shipped, so I haven’t received them yet (they will end up in the March fabfinds post). When we decided to do the budget this year, I dug through my closet and listed a ton of items on Poshmark, and I sold a butt-load of stuff recently. Since I didn’t buy too much from Poshmark, pretty much all of it got deposited into the bank, and I ended up with a total of $1172.07 of extra money! This is extremely rare (I had some of my more expensive items sell), but I’m not complaining. Technically, we agreed that the money I earned from selling could go back into clothes, but I may try to put it towards a handbag purchase next year…we shall see. Anyway, my net total for the month (and I carried over $38 from January) comes out to $929! I’m still quite a bit in the positive since I sold so much, but I don’t want to spend all of that if I can help it!

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  1. You have the best Goodwill! I actually rarely thrift tops (just bottoms, coats and dresses) because every top I’ve thrifted fell apart two seconds later. So jealous of your new shoes – just gorgeous!!!

  2. Your fabfinds this month (and I think I say this every month) are to die for! My favorites are the shoes – so perfect for spring, especially the nudes.
    By the way I was at Goodwill for the first time in my life and guess what I found: a Banana Republic skirt for 1 dollar and …drumroll…a Sonia Rykiel sweater for 5. But your local Goodwill seems to be even better.
    ♡ Kristina

  3. Alicia

    You know how I feel about those jeans. So jelly. As for undergarment shopping do a little googling and see if you can find a Lingerie store that does professional bra fittings. And I ain’t talking about Victoria Secret. If they have cup sizes that go past D (like to K.. yes I said K) then you found a good place. Being in the right size bra is LIFE CHANGING and you will be much happier. TRUST.

    p.s. I was a professional bra fitter for a few years. = )

      1. Alicia

        Haha Yeah just another thing for us ladies to buy something for! If the bras are too pricey just get fit and write down your size and check out bras online.. Freya and Fantasie are my two favorite brands for cup sizes over D! = )

  4. Always look forward to your “Fab Finds” and am always incredibly jealous lol. I haven’t thrifted in a long time…I might have to stop by my local Goodwill, but I’m sure I won’t find the great deals that you do. Living in the LA area, the folks at Goodwill know their brands haha and mark the items accordingly. The price is almost comparable to clearance finds at Nordstrom Rack sometimes. I seriously LUST over all of your Louboutins!!! I’ll have to try ThredUp and will of course use your link =)


    1. I’ve definitely heard that the LA stores seem to mark prices up! But there are a couple IG gals who thrift in cali and find AMAZING and cheap stuff! You’ll have to find out which stores they go to lol 😉 but yes, definitely check out ThredUP! The prices there can be pretty good so it’s definitely worth a look.

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