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I’ll start out with a confession: I am now a ThredUP addict. I am all about secondhand shopping and scoring deals, so when I got an email from ThredUP a while back asking if they could give me credit to shop their site, I was happy to check it out. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up here and get $10 towards your first purchase! I talked a bit about my experience a few posts back and about what I bought, and I was very happy with my purchases. Since then, I’ve made 2 more orders (I talk about them here and how much I scored them for), and I plan to make plenty more! I have learned a few things about their site along the way that I didn’t know previously, and I was missing out on items because of it. I thought I would put together a list of tips that I use to help you learn how to find deals on ThredUP for yourself! Let’s get started…


This is the biggest tip I can give. The way the site works is that they are constantly adding new items, so checking a couple times a day will make a big difference in what’s available. I usually check the site or use their app (if you don’t have it, get it) and look at the “Designer” tab. When you click on this tab, it will automatically sort by “newest” items, and give you their selection of great brands. I do tend to search by brand as well, and when you do this, it’s best to sort by “newest” so you can see what is on top. ThredUP has all kinds of brands, from Forever 21 to Chanel, so you don’t just have to look for designer items (their Zara selection is amazing, and so are the prices) It’s good to note that when searching by the newest items, you will start to see repeats. I believe an item gets recycled to the top of the list when someone removes it from their cart, hence taking it off of “reserved” status. This is good news though, because if someone changes their mind, you’ll see the item again! Speaking of reserving…


When you add an item to your cart, it will reserve it for you, and remove the item from the searchable page. You can still get to it if you have a direct link (I sometimes email a link to myself if I am too late on an item, and want to check up on it later to see if it’s available again). My recommendation is when you see something you like, add it to your cart right away, and then check the details and size once it’s in your cart. This way, you get it reserved while you think about it, so someone else can’t scoop it out from under you!

How to find deals on ThredUP - betweentheracks.com


Items will be saved in your cart for 24 hours – that’s a LONG time. After the 24-hour period is up, if you haven’t purchased, it will automatically be removed from your cart. This is important to remember and use it to your advantage. Once I add something to my cart that I know I want, if it’s under the $70 free shipping minimum, I tend to wait to see if anything else comes available that day that I could add to my cart and get free shipping. I also use this method while keeping my friends in mind. When I see something that I know a friend will like, I add it to my cart, and send them a picture/link to see if they want it. If they do, when they are ready, I remove it from my cart so they can add it. I scored my friend a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle’s for $260 by doing this, and she definitely appreciated it!


While the 24-hour rule is a great way to allow you to think about a purchase, please…be courteous of other shoppers. Once you add something to your cart and eventually decide against it, remove the item, and allow someone else to enjoy the find. Nothing pains me more to see an item I want on constant reserve for a week straight! Plus, I tried doing this in the beginning, and I’ll say that you will forget to take it out of your cart and re-add it, and ultimately, you’ll miss out on the deal.


This goes for any time you’re buying on any site. When you find an item and have it in your cart, do some searching to make sure you’re getting a good deal. I’ll say that I have found ThredUP’s prices to be VERY reasonable on most of their items, and I am pleased with the list price (I hope they stay like this!!). Something to notice about ThredUP is they have a LOT of inventory, so they take minimal pictures (usually 2 for a clothing item, 3/4 for handbags, and 1-2 for shoes and accessories), and the descriptions aren’t extremely specific. Sometimes, the retail price of an item may be incorrect, or maybe the fabric description is not available. Doing some research on your own will help you understand what you’re buying, and you can usually find more pictures that way as well.


I just recently discovered a little link located below the description and details of an item (to my knowledge, you can only view this from a computer, and not on the app). The link says “More items from this seller” and if you go to it, you’ll be able to see what else that seller is consigning. This is a useful tool, because if you find one item you like, the person probably has more of the same size or similar style pieces that you may be interested in as well. If there isn’t a link like this, it likely means that the seller only had one item they sent it that got accepted.


I mentioned this earlier, but ThredUP has free shipping all the time for orders over $70, so take advantage! If I find an item I want that is under $70, I tend to keep it in my cart and check for more items throughout the day to see if there is anything else that comes up. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend trying to save it in your cart for a few days to try to get free shipping while you look for other items. You may forget about your cart and accidentally miss out on the item you had in your cart!

ThredUP also has a new program where if you spend $150 in a calendar month on the site, you’ll get free shipping on ALL orders through the end of the following month. This encourages more shopping, of course, but can be really helpful, especially if you make a big-ticket purchase.


ThredUP offers free returns on eligible orders IF you take store credit. I do like the idea of this, because I know that eventually I’ll be able to find something else that I love in the future. If you decide not to take store credit, you’ll have to pay a return shipping fee. Note that handbags and clearance items are all final sale, so they aren’t eligible to returns at all.

How to find deals on ThredUP - betweentheracks.com


ThredUP offers quite a few promo codes, so be on the lookout for them via email or on their social media sites! I ordered my IRO jacket on Valentine’s weekend because they had a 20% off AND free shipping promotion, so I went ahead and bought it. I have also seen popups come up that tells me they want to give me 10 – 15% off my next purchase, so I’ve used those too. During the month of March, they are offering 20% off of your first purchase (for new members) with the code MAR20, so take advantage!


If you invite a friend to use ThredUP and they use your link, they get $10 credit towards a purchase, and you get $10 in credit once they buy their first item. Know that this credit you give to your friends will expire after 30 days, so if they don’t buy right away, have them ask you for a new email so you can try inviting them again. Take advantage of this, because you’re also helping your friends get credit (and $10 off is a lot when you’re talking about 80% off prices already). They used to give $20 instead of $10, but recently changed it (sad, but better than nothing). Speaking of…you can sign up here to get $10 off!


We can’t forget about how ThredUP gets their merchandise, which is from people sending in their clothes that they no longer wear! If you have items in your closet you need to get rid of, they will send you a free kit to load up and send back to them. This is perfect if you have no time to sell things on your own, but want to try to consign before you donate them. It’s easy, and your items can go to a new home to be loved again. Not to mention, you can choose to get the funds as credit, which is a great way to help pay for something new you’ve been eyeing!

Now that you know how to find deals on ThredUP, you can become just as addicted as I am! ThredUP didn’t pay or ask me to write this; I simply wanted to share my new-found love for a website that encourages bargain shopping, which is the entire reason for my blog. I would love to hear if anyone else has used the site and has other tips or tricks that they use to navigate through the clothes. Not to mention, I always love hearing about the bargains that everyone else has scored!

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  1. Alicia

    I love these types of posts! I actually signed up for ThredUp forever ago and forgot about it so I am off to check it out again using these great tips! Thank you!

  2. Shan

    If I have a lot of items that I want to return (even from multiple orders) and don’t really want $X00 back in store credit (because that is just too dangerous!), here is what I do. I select store credit for one item – always the cheapest item I want to return – so this will generate the free shipping label. Then for all the other items I print a new PDF but for full refund so I get my money back. Everything goes back into the box, and I tape the shipping label on.

  3. Klaudiettaaa

    ohhh I would love to use this site, especially seeing some of the bargains you found! I need to check if they offer international shipping…

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