Equipment lace up blouse and Adidas superstar sneakers

I usually like to stick with classic pieces, but I also like incorporating some trends into my daily outfits, especially when they involve something extremely practical. Insert: the Adidas sneaker trend. I love my heels and they are pretty to look at, but they just aren’t practical for me every day (actually, I’m not allowed to wear heels to work at all because they are deemed “unsafe”). It seems as though everyone and their brother has these Adidas originals shoes right now, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy into the trend; since I had Nordstrom Notes to spend, I decided to get them (paid for FULLY in Nordstrom Notes means they were technically free, right??), and I haven’t looked back. We spent all of Saturday in Dallas, and I never once had to complain about my feet hurting, or put band-aids on to prevent blisters; I call that a win.

I decided to highlight the shoes by keeping with a monochromatic outfit, so I went with my new Equipment ‘Knox’ lace-up top that I was able to find at Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago. I spent more on this shirt that I’ve ever spent on a shirt before, but after searching for this top for more than a year, I decided I was willing to pay $65 (and I actually had Nordstrom Notes to cover this purchases too). I’m glad I bought it, because I am already finding more ways to style it! Since it’s fairly low-cut, I wore a lace Topshop bralette (sold out unfortunately) that I didn’t mind having peek out of the shirt. I’m also looking to buy this bralette to wear with it for a different look next time.

My jeans were a recent Goodwill find that I’m absolutely obsessed with at the moment! I don’t try on items in the store, so I was ecstatic to find that these fit me like a glove when I got them home. I immediately threw them in the wash and wore them later that night, and the next day (yup, 2 days in a row…no shame). The high-waisted and cropped cut of the jeans paired with the exposed buttons makes them so unique, and even though they are an older style, they actually have almost the exact same pair for sale this year, and you can find them here in multiple different colors and washes! They are by Free People, and I only paid $7.99!

If you are wanting to try the white sneaker trend but don’t want to shill out $80 for the Adidas (or can’t find them in your size yet), I highly recommend H&M sneakers. I have 2 other pairs that I’ve gotten in the last year, and they are comfortable and holding up nicely for the price! They have options for real or faux leather, as well as a couple style variations. I like the clean and simple versions, and I am now using them for times when there is a chance that they will get dirty so that I don’t have to worry quite as much. Not to mention, H&M now offers free in-store returns, which is extremely useful! I also suggest keeping an eye out at Nordstrom Rack for different sneaker options, because they tend to get some good ones at great prices (such as Vince sneakers or slip-ons). Oh, and don’t forget that you get triple points today through Saturday (March 22-26) at Nordstrom, the Rack, and Hautelook, and also, Clear the Rack (March 23-26) is going on this weekend too so you’ll get an extra 25% off all clearance items!

Adidas superstar white sneakers - betweentheracks.com

Equipment 'knox' lace up blouse - betweentheracks.com

Lace up top and Adidas sneakers - betweentheracks.com

Equipment 'knox' lace up top and high waisted jeans - betweentheracks.com

Free People high waisted jeans and Adidas superstar sneaker - betweentheracks.com

Top: Equipment ‘Knox’ lace up blouse (budget-friendly option here)

Jeans: Free People (almost exact version here, multiple colors available)

Jacket: Vince

Bag: Givenchy ‘Pandora’

Sneakers: Adidas Superstar (budget-friendly white sneakers here)

Rings: Forever 21

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  1. Alicia

    This whole outfit is so good on you!!! I am a fashion sneaker fanatic, with two boys their is nothing better. So glad they are so in style right now too!

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