Texas bluebonnets with Vince silk dress and Alexander Want boots

Spring in Texas means there’s one thing you’ll start seeing on the side of every road you drive on: Bluebonnets. We missed out on getting pictures in the fields of flowers last year, so this time we made a trip down to Waco, and took the back-roads in hopes of seeing some blue. We found a great spot off the road to pull off and take some pictures of the blue and orange flowers (you could tell others had done the same, and there was a little path around the flowers, so we didn’t step on any).

I wore a Vince blue dress so that I would compliment the Texas Bluebonnets, and paired it with my knee-high boots by Alexander Wang. Both were Poshmark scores – the dress was received in a trade last year, and the boots were a steal at only $80 (from over $1000 retail)! I had been afraid of looking a little Pretty-Woman by wearing this combo, but I feel it worked because the dress is a bit longer and looser, and the boots are a softer color in suede instead of a harsh black.

Texas Bluebonnet field

Don’t worry guys, I’m only acting like I’m picking one. Did you know it’s actually illegal to pick Bluebonnets?

Texas Bluebonnets - Vince silk dress and Alexander Wang boots

Texas Bluebonnets and Ford Raptor

We made our way to Waco eventually, where we stopped at the Magnolia Market for the first time. It was CRAZY BUSY. Holy crap. It was even a Friday, so I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like on a weekend. Definitely worth a visit because it was so neat to see how well the store was put together, but make sure to plan accordingly and get there early. We ended up with a couple items for the dining room table, and as much as I could have brought home more, we held back because it was a bit pricey. The store really inspired us to go to more antique stores, because now we know what sort of items we wanted to look for and ideas for how to style them! Oh, and no sign of Chip and Joanna…darn!

If you go to Waco, don’t forget that you HAVE to stop at the Czech Stop Bakery in West, Texas (about 15 minutes north of Waco on I35). On our way home, we stocked up on kolaches, and ate way too many of them in the car. The ham and cheese, sausage and cheese, and pulled pork are our favorites. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

PS. I haven’t forgotten about my Fabfinds post. With work and traveling, I’m a bit behind on some posts. I’ll be combining my March and April finds into one post on May 1!

Magnolia market waco

Vince silk dress and Alexander Wand Sigrid boots

Vince silk dress and Alexander Wand Sigrid boots

Dress: Vince (similar style here)

Boots: Alexander Wand ‘Sigrid’ (found a couple pairs on sale in size 6.5 and 8)

Bag: Givenchy ‘Pandora’

Necklace: Elizabeth and James (similar necklaces under $5 here and here)

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

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10 Responses

  1. Mia Salmans

    I live in Waco! The bluebonnets are beautiful aren’t they! I LOVE your blog! My goal is to one day be as good as a deal finder as you! Do you have any recommendations for thrift shopping in Waco? It would be awesome if someday you did a meet up here!

    1. Ah really?? That’s awesome! It would be really fun to do a meetup there 🙂 I definitely plan to visit Waco more, but I’ve actually never been thrifting there before. I would definitely try to check out the local Goodwill(s), and try googling to see if there are other thrift stores that are around as well. Make sure to leave lots of time and dig through stuff!!

  2. I love your outfit! Especially the Alexander Wang knee high boots. I can’t believe how great of a deal you got on Poshmark…. I need to start looking on there!

  3. Jackie

    Hi there! Love this outfit and the photography is beautiful. Not to be nosy, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what size this dress is (and maybe your usual Vince size)? I’ve been eyeing a similar dress but wouldn’t have the opportunity to try it on before ordering, so it’d be great to have a visual comparison. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey! I don’t mind at all and it’s not nosy! This dress is a size M, but I’d say my true size in these Vince dresses is a S. I’ve got 3 of them this shape (one XS, one S, and a M lol – bargain hunters can’t always be too choosy), and the S fits me perfect. I have a post called “sushi date” from last year (you can search the title), and I’m wearing the size S dress in that post, so you can see how it fits! I highly recommend these dresses. They just look so good with everything! I hope this helps!

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