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Between a vacation to Canada and a busy work week, my blog was put on hold for a bit. Life gets busy! I shopped a decent amount the last couple months, and most of it was done at Goodwill. I ended up buying quite a bit more than what is shown in this post, but lots of it is going to friends or family (I’ve already started my Christmas shopping LOL)! I’ve actually started to post my Goodwill finds on Snapchat, so you can follow me at @morgan.415 to get an early peek at my designer thrift finds, and see what I bought to share as well.

Poshmark finds - betweentheracks.com

Equipment leather-front top: $32 // Vince striped silk tee: $20 // T by Alexander Wang top: $27 // Equipment eyelet top: $13

Poshmark finds - betweentheracks.com

Poshmark: Posh has been a bit slower for me lately, and I’m also getting more picky about what I buy from there. I managed to snag a few cute tops though. I got an Equipment leather-front tank with silk in the back for $32. It’s an XS, but fits me perfect and is really flattering. I had a black Vince leather top that was similar, but I like this one much more, so I sold the Vince top to make room for the new one. I found another Equipment top that will be perfect for summer. It’s a cotton eyelet top that looks perfect with a pair of jean shorts, and it was only $13 (similar one available at Nordstrom here)! I can’t pass up on a good striped shirt, so I couldn’t help but buy this T by Alexander Wang striped top for $27. It’s a really thick material and has leather details around the neck. I have already worn it a few times (and managed to spill sriracha on it, which thankfully my dry-cleaner got out…) and love the way it fits!

Goodwill thrift finds - betweentheracks.com

Rebecca Taylor pants: $4.50 // Cashmere sweater: $4.50 // Harlowe and Graham sweater: $4.50 // Bailey 44 wrap top: $6 // Christian Dior blazer: $5 // Akris Punto dress: $5.80

Goodwill thrift finds - betweentheracks.com

Rebecca Taylor crazy pants with real leather detail for $4.50 (retail $325!!) and Free People button front jeans (they are making almost the exact same style again this year and I highly recommend them).

Goodwill thrift finds - betweentheracks.com

Vintage Christian Dior blazer for $5 and Akris Punto dress for $5.80 (this snaps down the front and looks perfect as an open jacket)!

Goodwill: As I mentioned, tons of my stuff this time went to other people. I’ve been finding quite a few items for family members that I’m hiding away as gifts, which makes it easy down the road. I will be so prepared for Christmas this year! Now back to the finds for myself…I got a 100% cashmere sweater that I’m in love with for $4.50. When I thrift, I look for brand-names of course, but I also look for quality fabrics. This wasn’t any great brand, but the cashmere is very soft and high quality! I also got an amazing pair of Free People jeans that I’ve been wearing non-stop because they fit so well and are extremely comfy (they have almost the exact same pair for sale this year). At only $8, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth! I also got some Rebecca Taylor pants for $4.50 (they make my butt look AH-mazing), a Bailey 44 top for $6, a couple Lululemon shirts for $2 and $4, and an Akris Punto dress for $5.80! It’s true…I’m addicted to thrifting. But at these prices, how can you not be?!


Prada heels: $8 // Christian Louboutin flats: $57 // Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudistsong’ heels: FREE

Shoes: I always save shoes for last. From Poshmark, I scored these Christian Louboutin flats for only $57! I am so excited, and after using my shoe stretcher, they fit just perfect. Goodwill also treated me well with shoes, and I managed to get these Prada shoes for only $8! Part of one of the Logos is missing from the bottom of the shoe, but for $8, I think it’s OK. I forgot to include them in pictures, but I also snagged a pair of Frye boots for $8 from Goodwill! They are adorable with 3 buckles, and in great shape. They are marked as a size 10, but fit more like a 9, so with thick socks, I make them work!

I hadn’t been checking ThredUP as much as I liked, so I was able to really stock up on credits. I’d been looking for the Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ shoes (or the shorter ‘Nudistsong’ verson) for a while, so when my friend found me some on ThredUP, I had to get them! They were listed at $67, and I had enough credits to cover all of it, so technically they were FREE!

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  1. Alicia

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this post!! Great finds, especially those Louboutin’s! I haven’t done any shopping the last couple of months. Okay thats a total lie.. but so little it feels like none. lol Saving up for some summer shopping!

    1. I know, sorry to make you wait so long! I admit that I always shop a lot lol, but I’ve been good so far this month. I’m going to goodwill more and really trying to find things there, so they are cheaper! Can’t wait to see what you get this summer 🙂

  2. Awesome as always! I’m trying to keep my shoe shopping to a minimum as well because I have so many pairs… Right now though, Im trying to get button ups because I’m breastfeeding… I bought a silk Equipment blouse for $20 on poshmark but the thing is that it was sooo pulled on different places (some of which can pass unseen, but some are pretty notable) and the seller had just said “great condition” without mentioning that.

    I don’t know whether to return it or not because I feel like I got a great deal, but at the same time I feel like the seller lied by omission. What do you recommend? Have you ever had to return anything on poshmark?

    1. Hey! If it’s bothering you that much, I would definitely recommend returning it. I am pretty understanding with my Poshmark buys, so small things I let slide if it doesn’t bother me. However, I have definitely returned items that have come and been not what I expected! $20 is a great deal for an Equipment top, but if it has snags that bother you, then it’s not worth the money. Sometimes, I have had Posh offer to give back a certain amount of money to have you keep it instead of return it (so they may offer you $10 to keep the top, making it so you only paid $10). Some cases, that extra money is worth it. But again, if the snags bother you, then just return it! The seller should have described it better, and they should understand 🙂

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