The people that know me, know that I hardly ever spend retail on ANYTHING. I admit, I’m addicted to brand-name clothing, but I still wear a variety of brands, from Forever 21 to Alexander McQueen. If something is a little more trendy, I tend to not spend as much. However, why would I pay $30 on a pair of jeans from F21, when I can spend that (or even less) on some J Brand jeans that are better quality, and last longer? Why spend $20 on a rayon shirt, when I can spend $20 on a silk shirt instead? Que the bargain-hunting addiction; it takes a lot of time and patience, but in the end, there’s nothing like that feeling of scoring a great deal!

I’ve decided to do a monthly series to show what I purchase every month and how much I pay for it (I am a little behind, so I’m combining February and March this time). Since I live in a small town (about 45 minutes to Fort Worth, and 1.5 hours to Dallas) with not a lot of shopping, I mostly shop online through Ebay, Poshmark, and outlet websites such at Hautelook and Gilt. Every once in a while we make the trip to Nordstrom Rack or consignment stores, or I’ll stop by my local Goodwill. I also sell my old clothes on Poshmark (you can find the link to my closest on the right of the screen), which helps fund new purchases as bargain-hunting tends to make my closet fill up fast, and I have too many impulse buys that I don’t wear! I will also try to find the original item, if it’s still available, and link to it in case people are interested (I use ShopStyle Collective). So…here’s what I found the last couple months! Read More